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Looking For A Good Electrician

Electricians – Electrical Services

If you have been looking for electricians for more than a few minutes then I don’t have to tell you it is not an easy task. Will hiring any company whose ad jumps out at you ensure that you are getting the right electrician for you and your family’s safety? Remember big expensive ads will not always translate into better workmanship and customer service. Often randomly selected electrical contractors out of the phonebook or from an online source can cause you more problems during your home improvement project.

Often times the number one problem we hear about regarding electrical companies is poor communication with their customers. With any electrical project, large or small, residential or commercial, good two-way communication is vital for the success of both the business relationship and the project itself. Often times disasters or confusion can be avoided with a brief phone call.good electricians

Electrician, What to Consider First

When contacting an electrician, regarding your electrical work you will want to get the following information:

You will always want to first, ask your electrician for his/her License Number. (This information can be obtained from a company’s website and/or advertisement) Then you will want to inquire about the type of insurance policy the electrical contractor carries.

With this information, I suggest contacting the local Building Department and sending a simple email asking the electrical inspector if the type of policy the electrical contractor has is appropriate for the work you are going to have done. You may also consider asking the company that carries your homeowner’s insurance the same question and making sure the policy covers YOUR property in case of any unforeseen occurrences. More information from our electricians here @

Get Local References from Electricians

I suggest asking for no fewer than three local references that will allow you to contact them via telephone and/or email. I recommend first sending an email introducing yourself and letting them know the reason for your inquiry and that the electrician gave you their contact information. After an acceptable amount of time (I recommend 24 hours) give the person a call making sure to reference the prior email you sent.

Make sure to ask polite but probing questions. You want to ensure this person was actually a customer and not just someone doing his electrician friend a favor by talking highly of him. Ask about the specific type of work he/she had done. How did they usually communicate with the electrician was it via the phone, email, or face-to-face interaction. Find out if this electrical contractor was punctual. Also, ask whether there were any unexpected changes to the project and how those were handled.electrical services

You will want to be brief but make sure you get all the information you need to make an informed decision. ALWAYS send a thank you email to the person you contacted, remember this person is your neighbor and was nice enough to answer your questions.

Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you choose the right electrician for your family and/or property’s safety and security. In today’s economy price will be a big factor but if you choose a trustworthy and honorable electrician, more often than not he/she will be fair when it comes to their pricing.

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Are wood fireplaces efficient?

Are wood fireplaces efficient?
What is Fireplace Efficiency?

Fireplace efficiency is its ability to generate an optimum level of room heating with the minimum possible quantity of fuel consumption. It should also be resistant to leak and loss of heat, which can save more on fuel and increase the heating time.

fire place
burning fire in the fireplace

The design and construction of the fireplace and chimney are the key elements which contribute to the efficiency of the fireplace. Now, you can apply these parameters to the wood fireplace and see how efficient it is.

Factors affecting Wood Fireplace Efficiency

If the wood is bone dry, it could burn out quickly. You will need to use more wood within a short span of time. If the wood is partially dry it may burn at a slower pace, but the pollution could be higher. Hence, the fireplace needs the kind of wood which is semi-dry to keep it burning for a longer time.
The price you pay for buying such wood in Calgary is stated to be much higher compared to the gas supply. It is possible to get at least 1.5 times more volume of gas for the same price you pay for wood.
Traditional wood fireplaces design may have a higher risk of heat loss due to the gaps within the bricks and stones on the interiors and chimneys. Though the modern wood fireplaces have improved in design, the probability of heat loss continues to be higher than that of the gas fireplace.
Traditional wood fireplaces without a fan blower may result in uneven distribution of heat within the room. The temperature of air away from the fireplace could be lesser than the heat you get nearer to the fireplace. Hence, you may be forced to burn more wood to spread the heat to the farther ends of the room. Now, it is possible for you to estimate the efficiency of a wood fireplace.

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Pest Control: Termite Control – Exterminators

Get Rid of Termites

What are Termites?

Some household pests are simply annoying, but others can do some serious damage. Termites are among those that can damage your home. They eat away at wood and can ruin your homes framing structure. One of the biggest ways to fight termites is to stop them before they come, but once they are in your home there are some steps you can take to get rid of them and save your home. Termites are the scourge of American home owners. They live in every area of the U.S. and they cause extensive damage to houses (more than fire and storm damage combined). A termite colony can contain more than one million termites. More on the website of Jenkins Pest and Lawn San Antonio
Termites build their nests in the soil because they like moisture but they also gravitate to wood that is wet. They will invade wood that is in contact with the ground, whether it is the wood from which your house is built, a firewood pile or other wood supply. They build mud tunnels and tunnel up through the wood, reaching heights that would not otherwise be accessible to them.termite control

What do Termites Look Like?

Termites are small, and they look rather like ants. Some have wings but they don’t fly far so you may or may not see them outdoors and this may or may not mean you have an infestation in or around your home. In any case, you should investigate further and call an exterminator if you see ANY signs of termite damage in the wood in or around your house.

How do you Know if you Have Termites?

Identifying termites presence should start with a little looking around. You may notice rotted wood or damaged wood. You may also see the termites during warmer months when they come out of the wood. You may not actually be able to see damage, so tapping or drilling with a probe of some sort on the suspected infested area can help you to find hollow spots where termites have been.

Types of Termites

There are dry-wood termites, damp-wood termites and subterranean termites.

Unlike the dry-wood termite, the subterranean termite does not push wood out through bored holes. Instead it uses the particles of wood to build its tunnels, making a kind of plaster to coat the walls.

Subterranean termites feed on wood or other items that contain cellulose, such as paper, fiberboard, and some fabrics derived from cotton or plant fibers. Termites have protozoa in their digestive tracts that can convert cellulose into usable food.

Dry-wood termites do not have to live in or near the soil. They can live in wood that is not rotting and the nest does not need high moisture content.termite extermination

Only the reproductive dry-wood termite has wings (four to be exact). These termites eat furniture, dying trees, utility poles, orchard trees, stored lumber, and houses!

The damp-wood and winged damp-wood termite does not require soil to build a nest, but they do need high moisture content, so they will look for decaying or rotted wood and a cool, humid area to nest. The ‘rotten wood termite’ is most prevalent in California, Oregon and Washington states.

The Nevada damp-wood termite is a little smaller than its Pacific sister. It lives in a dry mountainous area and attacks forest trees and mountain cabins alike.

This termite is subterranean and often looks for only decaying or rotted wood to make its nest. The Florida damp-wood termite lives in the southeastern counties of Florida and in the Florida Keys. It nests in damp logs near the salt water.

They are most often found in wood that is partially or totally buried, and in fallen tree branches and tree stumps, and old wood piles. Damp-wood termites often nest in wood buried in the ground.

In general, the damp-wood variety of termite is larger than the dry-wood or the subterranean termite and it can measure up to three quarters of an inch in length. Damaged wood is characterized by a rather velvety surface inside the tunnels.

What to do if you have Termites in your Home

Once you have confirmed you have termites you need to get to work at getting rid of them. It is best to have a professional take care of getting rid of them. However, there are some things you can do to help. Fixing outside faucets that are worn out or leaky will help to keep moisture spots away, which provide ample ground for termites to live. Additionally, clean and repair gutters to help keep moisture away from your house. Stack firewood or other wood products off the ground. Fill in cracks or other openings on the outside of your home.

You should do everything you can to aid the professional exterminator. Your combined efforts are the best way to get termites out of your home for good. Once they are gone you will need to repair any damage they may have done, but you can expect to be free from them for at least five years after the professional extermination. More on this website @

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